As the digital marketing world is rapidly evolving we should be able to adjust quickly. Here are a few tips on what we should do to keep our business or brands still in the game during this year’s changes.


1.Happy user, happy life


Your audience should be the center of your business and all your actions as a brand should be aiming towards them.


  • Be relevant in what you present to them. Choose the channels they are most active on to reach them and create content that would satisfy their needs.
  • Design all your strategies with a user-focused mindset - make sure your company website/app is easy to navigate through and performs well.
  • Make sure that all your content and channels are created in order to appeal to the audience. 


2.Content is King


For sure you’ve heard this a thousand times if you’re a bit familiar with the topic. Yes! Compelling content should be something to be striving for. Make it creative, make it engaging, make it so it would be discussed.


  • Make sure you use the 80/20 method to create your content. This means that only 20% of your content should be specifically promoting your product/service and the other 80%  should be targeting your audience’s interests and should be encouraging discussion.
  • The content should educate, inspire or aim to help your audience with their struggles.
  • Also, make it so it fits your channels. If you’re creating content for your social media channels try to make use of  the features, the channels have:


Facebook: GIFs, Live stream videos

Instagram: Stories, Polls, Carousel images

Messenger: Chatbot implementation, Messenger ads

Youtube: Live streams, Videos into Gifs


3.Engagement is Queen


In 2018 there has been significant updates and changes to most social media channels. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have changed their algorithms already, prioritizing posts that are more authentic, provoking discussions and user engagement. What to do?


  • Post less frequently - posting too often could be considered as spam sources and could make it harder for your content to be found
  • Make your posts engaging - end them with questions to your audience and get some insight into their interests
  • Be more personal - no matter if you are a big brand or a startup, always take your time to go through comments and reply. This means you are actually making an effort and not just throwing content out there.
  • Make sure your communication does not use the marketing language. Make your messages and conversations personalized so that you build a relationship with your audience.


You could optimize your marketing strategy by applying some of those practices according to what would work best for your company.

Creating digital marketing strategies is an everlasting process and you need to constantly adjust to the current market situations. So don’t be scared to fail, but learn and improve along the way instead.


Stay motivated!