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Ben Wichert


Mobile app

Dance You Style

Dance Your Style is a new concept of dance school teaching online through an app. The founder is one of the world best hip-hop dancers from Germany. In the initial brief there was a request for a mobile app which can work on both Android and iOS. We prepared a research and after analysis, we created a set of rules, color scheme according to target group and archetype for this project. We had a list of function provided by Ben and also wireframes which were very helpful in the process of creation. The final result was delivered after month and half of work and satisfied all the client's needs. Currently, this app is in the development stage, will be built on the IONIC framework and the release date is set for Fall 2018.


Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia

Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia