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A newly founded record label in Copenhagen.


Album cover art, Marketing strategy

Ice Drop Records

IceDrop records is a new record label founded by Adil and Pharfar in Copenhagen. They have released one album so far - it can be found on various websites. IceDrop records didn’t have a visual identity and a digital platform and at the time of the project they were “digitally invisible”. The purpose of this project is was present Jamaican reggae in a new, innovative way, without typical reggae stereotypes.

We went for a modern, fresh and flat look. The monkey is not an animal usually connected with the Reggae, but our main idea was to break reggae stereotypes and bring a fresh air into this genre of music. Jamaican reggae music with our design can be presented as a more serious genre with the new attitude.



Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia

Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia