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Rondo Concept is a studio created
by the artist Aleksandra Kuczynska.
Beside limited edition of jewellery
studio Rondo Concept offers also a
unique interior accessories and art.


Commercial editorial photography

Kaska Jewellery by Rondo Concept

Kaska Jewellery is a collection of Handmade Soutache Jewellery, done by studio Rondo Concept. Each piece is handcrafted with great attention to the tiniest detail, based on one-of-a-kind design concept.

When working on photography for website and social media, we aimed to use storytelling and create an enchanting and mystical world of woman’s nature. Digilabs coordinated the production from location scouting to picture editing and we have collaborated with fashion editor and stylist Iveta Jonikaite and
model Marcela Cierkosz.

Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia

Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia