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Digital Marketing Tips for 2018

As the digital marketing world is rapidly evolving we should be able to adjust quickly. Here are a few tips on what we should do to keep our business or brands still in the game during this year’s changes.


1.Happy user, happy life


Your audience should be the center of your business and all your actions as a brand should be aiming towards them.


  • Be relevant in what you present to them. Choose the channels they are most active on to reach them and create content that would satisfy their needs.
  • Design all your strategies with a user-focused mindset - make sure your company website/app is easy to navigate through and performs well.
  • Make sure that all your content and channels are created in order to appeal to the audience. 


2.Content is King


For sure you’ve heard this a thousand times if you’re a bit familiar with the topic. Yes! Compelling content should be something to be striving for. Make it creative, make it engaging, make it so it would be discussed.


  • Make sure you use the 80/20 method to create your content. This means that only 20% of your content should be specifically promoting your product/service and the other 80%  should be targeting your audience’s interests and should be encouraging discussion.
  • The content should educate, inspire or aim to help your audience with their struggles.
  • Also, make it so it fits your channels. If you’re creating content for your social media channels try to make use of  the features, the channels have:


Facebook: GIFs, Live stream videos

Instagram: Stories, Polls, Carousel images

Messenger: Chatbot implementation, Messenger ads

Youtube: Live streams, Videos into Gifs


3.Engagement is Queen


In 2018 there has been significant updates and changes to most social media channels. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have changed their algorithms already, prioritizing posts that are more authentic, provoking discussions and user engagement. What to do?


  • Post less frequently - posting too often could be considered as spam sources and could make it harder for your content to be found
  • Make your posts engaging - end them with questions to your audience and get some insight into their interests
  • Be more personal - no matter if you are a big brand or a startup, always take your time to go through comments and reply. This means you are actually making an effort and not just throwing content out there.
  • Make sure your communication does not use the marketing language. Make your messages and conversations personalized so that you build a relationship with your audience.


You could optimize your marketing strategy by applying some of those practices according to what would work best for your company.

Creating digital marketing strategies is an everlasting process and you need to constantly adjust to the current market situations. So don’t be scared to fail, but learn and improve along the way instead.


Stay motivated!


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Graphic Design Trends for 2018

Change is great! It makes life less boring and repetitive. The same goes for the world of digital design. Trends are evolving throughout the years and what has been cool and impressive two years ago wouldn’t be so mind-blowing today. Not only that but new tools and possibilities are coming our way so with the start of 2018 there has been a lot of new trends that appear in web and graphic design evolution. Here are some of our highlight examples!

Colors and Gradients

Make it colourful! And then...a little bit more colourful. Vibrant colors are all in stronger than ever with the duotones, tritones trend that’s been going around. Spotify is a perfect example of implementing this brave colour trend into their identity.

In the past, there were just gradients and there was just flat design. Today the two collide together with gradients being a flat design enhancement.

This all started with Instagram changing their visual identity back in 2016. From then on gradients have been welcomed by many other brands like Spotify and Apple. Adding two or even three vibrant colors in the mix and making them clash together has become an interesting way to integrate a modern, contemporary look into your design.




They create more depth, good contrast and could be seen as web page backgrounds, headers, footers small buttons or icons with changing colours when hovered. Artists and illustrators also find them appealing and include them in their artwork creating a style called “semi-flat design”.




Today we can see a more creative flow when it comes to web design. Stock images are being replaced by custom made graphics and Illustrations are making their way among digital designs. Most popular of all are still the flat design or semi-flat design ones. Digital art, hand-drawn illustration and even custom typography have gained significant popularity over the past year and more 2D and 3D art seems to appear on website pages and apps for a more visual communication and a unique look.








Animations are huge part of ux and ui design. Movement gives feedback of the user’s task performance. It also creates a better user experience and guidance through the journey in the web page or app. They could be used for infographic charts, elements (easter eggs)  and navigation systems.


Other variations of animation could be seen in gifs and cinemagraphs, which are causing a boom around the web space. We could use gif anywhere now, even Instagram recently added the option of including them in our stories. And cinemagraphs appear to be coming on strong in 2018, creating a stunning and mesmerising effect when seen. A still picture with just a small subtle movement causes people to go crazy!  


https://www.useloom.com/share/93615b96781f4de0845981c707b1fb3c - video example



Big, Bold and Beautiful! Typography has always been an important part of Web design. But today it’s taken to a whole new level of creativity. There’s a ton of new typography styles comin in. The trend of hand-lettering, calligraphy and experimenting with all kinds of combinations has turned out to be really resourceful for making an eye-catching web design.

The focus, however is mainly on being bold. Big headings and big letters for indication. Styles like 3D typography,  chaotic typography and double exposure







2018 seems to be full of new creative ideas and with technology continually improving no wonder what else will be out there halfway through the year. There’s a whole bunch of other graphic design trends that are going around, but we have narrowed it down to the top five hottest ones.

Stay creative!

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3 most creative places in my universe

Ideas are flowing through your mind same as you breathe, it comes automatic and during the day you can have an average of 20 000 ideas and thoughts. But those are general ideas such as going to shopping by walk today, when you want to see movies or how you will get home today from work. If those ideas come naturally, where do the creative ideas come from? Do you need any special place an occasion to find the best of creative ideas? We asked our members where and how they get creative. Do you have any process or it just comes along? You will find out in this blog post.

B: Where do the creative ideas come from for you?

I personally don't know, because they just sometimes appear, when you do not expect them at all, so you have to be ready to write them down a build upon them.

B: Is the creativity just something which can be learned or it comes naturally to everybody?

I believe it comes natural and everybody is creative. It is just other aspects which appeal to amount and quality of our creative thoughts. You can set your mind to everything you want.

B: Does working in the creative environment sometimes kills your creativity? 

I wouldn't say that. But sometimes it can slow down your flow of creative thoughts because you are affected by all great ideas which you see and then you can think that yours are not enough.

B: What is your favorite place to do creative work?

Airplane. Definitely. There is a good environment, you can just look through the windows and see the sky, you have no internet connection on most of the flight, so you are not disrupted by anything. Another place is my office when I put my earphones on and play some new pumping song. Then I can move my all my senses wherever I need them

B: Do you have any process of boosting your creativity?

After some time spent in the creative environment, I learned how to boost my creativity and what I need for starting that process. Of course it depends on the situation but in general, I start to write down all of my thoughts and then sort them with different methods. I usually also take a small walk and think. There is no universal process that works, you have to find your own!

N: Where do the creative ideas come from for you?

That’s a very tough question to answer. I can tell you where I am the most creative, or where can I let go all of the things. Basically, it’s with any sports activity or while walking. I love walking. If I can choose between waiting for a bus for 15 minutes and then take a 5-minute ride, or walk for 20-25 minutes, I always choose walking.

N: Is the creativity just something which can be learned or it comes naturally to everybody?

In my opinion, everyone is born creative. It’s the path and career you choose when you’re an adult. Some choose career paths where you do the same thing every day and are comfortable with that, others have to do something creative and new or they’ll go crazy.

N: Does working in the creative environment sometimes kills your creativity? 

For me, creative environment is the best place to be. Coworking, open spaces, young creative hungry people, that’s what I like. BUT, I need to get music on and people can’t distract me with every little stupid thing.

N: What is your favorite place to do creative work?

Whoops just answered. Coworking, open spaces...

N: Do you have any process of boosting your creativity?

I always imagine the future of the company/product I’m building and when I see the super-duper bright future, I get motivated.

Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia

Rocket Labs - Copenhagen, Denmark
0100 Campus - Bratislava, Slovakia